Your participation in our productions require your undivided commitment in order to ensure a production of the highest possible quality.

If cast, you cannot commit to any other production that would affect the rehearsal period and production season.

You should NOT audition if you are unable to commit to the rehearsal and production schedule.

If you have any other commitments (personal or work) that may impact on your ability to attend rehearsals, you must provide full relevant details in your audition application. This will be taken into consideration during your audition.

All rehearsals will be held Tuesday and Thursday (6.30pm – 9:30pm) and Sundays (11.00am – 4.00pm). Not all performers will be required at all rehearsals, you may not be required for the full day each Sunday and rehearsals will be scheduled as carefully as possible to make the best use of your time.


An online calendar showing all rehearsals and other show-related events will be provided. This will be regularly updated throughout the rehearsal season, and it is your responsibility to keep up to date. Printed rehearsal schedules will not be provided.

During rehearsals, we expect that our performers will be prepared. This means:

– arriving in advance and ready to work at the scheduled time
– having learnt and reviewed your lines and movement for the scheduled scene(s)
– having warmed up both vocally and physically
– paying attention and being respectful to the creative team and to your fellow cast members
– We strongly recommend that performers prepare a rehearsal bag that includes some or all of the following:
– script, pencil, pad and eraser water bottle
– a variety of snacks – fruit, granola bars, nuts and sweets
– personal hygiene and first aid supplies – deodorant or antiperspirant, band aids, Advil, etc. wipes and towel
– headphones for downtime or musical review
– extra layers – sweaters, socks, change of underclothes cell phone – to be on silent during rehearsals


Some large productions utilise a number of wigs and headgear. However, performers must not cut their hair from the start of the director’s rehearsals unless discussed with the director. Costumes and shoes will be provided. For hygiene reasons, all cast members will be expected to provide their own nude-coloured undergarments. If applicable, male cast members may be expected to provide their own dance belts – this will be discussed closer to the time.


Performers will be notified by email of the outcome of their audition as soon as possible following casting. A full cast announcement will be subsequently made on the North Shore Music Theatre website and via our media channels so you must not release your involvement until instructed by the Production Manager/s.

All cast and crew are considered to be good-will ambassadors for North Shore Music Theatre and for our show and we expect all cast and crew to meet that responsibility both in person and online. There will be a closed group Facebook page which cast and crew are encouraged to join and actively participate in.

The marketing team will be monitoring social media throughout the production process – so please don’t be offended if you are requested to remove something posted on a personal page.

Please advise of any issues with this when filling out your audition information.



All cast members will be required to be financial members of North Shore Music Theatre for 2020/2021 with an annual fee payable.

All cast are required to agree and adhere to a code of conduct that covers health and safety, personal well being, responsibilities to fellow cast and crew members, and social media usage. All cast members are required to complete a medical questionnaire for your safety and the safety of those around you. This information will be treated in strictest confidence and will be destroyed following the production.