The 00’s

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2020 - Underestimated

The Clubrooms
October 1st – October 3rd 2020

Director: Giorgia Doughty
Assistant Director: Kate Sampson
Music Director: Tausala Faulalo
Choreographer: Zoe Fraser

Annan Chai-Rodgers, Max Claxton, Stella McKenzie, Victoria Milkov, Maddie McCarthy, Mila Rodrigues, Janayah Wadsworth, Aedan Ward.

Our first show devised and run entirely by a youth creative team – for youth. The show has been inspired by breaking down barriers young performers and directors face in the theatre world.

Performing a colourful, wide range of different songs, our talented cast entertain and shine beyond the normal expectations of children’s theatre. The creative team have had an incredible time creating this show and have fallen in love with their brilliant and charming cast. Full of fun and some surprises, this cabaret will entertain and inspire all people of all ages.

2019 - From Hollywood to Broadway - Songs from Stage to Screen

The Clubrooms
November 7th – November 9th 2019

Director: Emma Carr & Alexandra McKellar

Hollywood to Broadway brings you some favourite songs from the stage and screen. a limited season only featuring an epic cast of local talent, this is a cabaret experience you won’t want to miss!

Featuring songs from shows such as Waitress, Cabaret, and Kiss me Kate, and from movies like Rocky, Cruel Intentions and Meet me in St Louis, there is something for everyone!

2019 - The Last 5 Years

The Clubrooms                                                                                                                                                            
March 8th – March 23rd 2019

Director: Emma Carr
Musical Director: Zac Johns

Drama Desk award-winner The Last Five Years is Jason Robert Brown’s intimate window into a couple’s doomed marriage. Cathy, a struggling actress, and Jamie, a budding novelist on the brink of wild success, are 20-somethings in New York who meet, fall in love, marry, and divorce over the span of five years. Cathy tells the story from the end of their marriage; Jamie begins from when they first meet. As the musical unfolds, Cathy moves backward in time to the beginning of the relationship as Jamie moves toward the end; they meet only once, in the middle, at their wedding. Since its Off-Broadway premiere in 2002, Brown’s funny, poignant, and devastatingly honest two-person production has enraptured audiences around the world with its spellbinding and emotional score and libretto.

2018 - Heathers

HeathersThe Clubrooms
April 20th – April 28th 2018

Director: Alexandra McKellar
Musical Director: Griffin Jenkins
Choreographer: Emma Carr

Based on the cult classic film of the same name, Heathers is the story of Veronica Sawyer, a senior at the fictional Westerberg High. Veronica longs to be cool like the clique of it-girls that runs Westerberg: the unaffected, unattainable Heathers. Unfortunately, in addition to awesome levels of popularity, the Heathers are also cruel, choosing to mock and bully their kingdom into submission. When Veronica uses her skills as a forger to get the Heathers out of detention, she impresses their leader Heather Chandler— so much so that they agree to let her into their exclusive club. At first Veronica is thrilled—until she finds out that being one of the Heathers means bullying the same kids she used to call friends. Meanwhile, Veronica finds herself attracted to a mysterious newcomer at school named Jason Dean (JD). When an innocent drink mix up results in the accidental poisoning of Heather Chandler, JD convinces Veronica to stage Heather’s suicide. The results are so successful that Veronica and JD, exhilarated with their newfound power, resolve to rid Westerberg of the cruelly popular elite forever.

2017 - Jekyll & Hyde
The Pumphouse
November 18th – December 2nd 2017

Director: Daniel Chasemore
Musical Director: Catherine Carr
Choreographer: Brie Young

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller, Jekyll & Hyde is the gripping tale of a brilliant mind gone horrifically awry, set to a powerful pop-rock score by Frank Wildhorn with book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. In an attempt to cure his ailing father’s mental illness by separating “good” from “evil” in the human personality, talented physician Dr. Jekyll inadvertently creates an alternate personality of pure evil, dubbed Mr. Hyde, who wreaks murderous havoc on the city of London. As his fiancée Emma grows increasingly fearful for her betrothed, a prostitute, Lucy, finds herself dangerously involved with both the doctor and his alter ego. Struggling to control Hyde before he takes over for good, Jekyll must race to find a cure for the demon he has created in his own mind.


2017 - Bring It On
The Pumphouse
June 14th – June 24th 2017

Director: Alexandra McKellar
Musical Director: Kerry Priestley
Choreographer: Gemma Boswell

Bring It On: The Musical tells the story of Campbell Davis, a young cheerleader who dreams of leading her squad to victory at a National competition. The story focuses on the world of competitive cheerleading and the intense rivalries it creates. Campbell’s future is secure: handsome boyfriend, a killer squad, and the newly awarded title of cheer captain. Suddenly, however, she is mysteriously reassigned to another school: the inner-city Jackson High, where she knows hardly anyone and worse: they don’t have a cheerleading squad! Despite the challenges of fitting in at a new school, Campbell befriends some tough girls on the dance squad and helps them become a powerhouse competitor for the National Cheerleading Championships.

2016 - Hair
The Pumphouse
November 5th – November 19th 2016

Director: Alexandra McKellar
Musical Director: Kerry Priestley
Choreographer: Gemma Boswell

Hair tells the story of the “tribe”, a group of politically active, long-haired hippies of the “Age of Aquarius” living a bohemian life in New York City and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam War. Claude, his good friend Berger, their roommate Sheila and their friends struggle to balance their young lives, loves, and the sexual revolution with their rebellion against the war and their conservative parents and society. Ultimately, Claude must decide whether to resist the draft as his friends have done, or to succumb to the pressures of his parents (and conservative America) to serve in Vietnam, compromising his pacifistic principles and risking his life.

2016 - 13
The Clubrooms
July 16th – July 23rd 2016

Director: Alexandra McKellar
Musical Director: Mark Bradley
Choreographer: Gemma Boswell

Evan Goldman is about to turn thirteen, and he can’t wait. His life seems full of possibilities — that is, until his parents get divorced, and he is forced to move with his mom from big-city New York to podunk Appleton, Indiana. If Evan can’t get the coolest kids to come to his bar mitzvah, how is he going to survive the school year, not to mention, the rest of his life? As Evan navigates the world of cool kids and nerds, jocks and cheerleaders, first kisses and heartbreak, he comes to understand “What it Means to Be a Friend.” With a bright, catchy pop score from Jason Robert Brown, equal doses of humor and pathos, and a cast of wildly talented teens, 13 is irresistible to grown ups and almost-grown ups alike.

2015 - The Addams Family
The Pumphouse
October 31st – November 14th 2015

Director: Alexandra McKellar
Musical Director: Mark Bradley
Choreographer: Gemma Boswell

The Addams Family features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before – keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents.

2015 - Move It!
NSMT Clubrooms
July 2nd – July 11th 2015

Director: Tracey Andrews
Musical Director: Kerry Priestley
Choreographer: Amy Christie

Two dance crews, Hypnotiks and Blaze, are competing for a place in a regional contest.   Blaze always win everything, and Hypnotiks have a particular problem with one of their group who keeps letting them down. The leader of Blaze – Nicole – has a troublesome younger sister called Sam, who she is very quick to criticise.  Because Sam is constantly undermined by Nicole, she is angry and aggressive, and has recently been excluded from school after a fight.  Then – by chance – Sam ends up being the solution to Hypnotiks’ problems when her natural talent for street dance is discovered.  However, this puts her in direct competition with Nicole! In a surprising turn of events, Sam is the one who saves the day when there is a disaster for Nicole and Blaze at the dance-off.

2014 - Celebrating the Musical
The Pumphouse Theatre
8 November 2014 – 22 November 2014

Director: Paul Carroll
Musical Director: Kerry Priestley
Choreographer: Amy Christie

A review style show celebrating some of the most popular musicals from the last six decades which produces 90 minutes of show stopping brilliance!

2014 - Hairspray
Sky City Theatre
16 August 2014 – 6 September 2014

Director: Grant Meese
Musical Director: Catherine Carr
Choreographer: Rhonda Daverne

In 1962 Baltimore, Maryland, plump teenager Tracy Turnblad’s dream is to dance on The Corny Collins Show, a local TV dance program based on the real-life Buddy Deane Show. When Tracy wins a role on the show, she becomes a celebrity overnight, and meets a colorful array of characters. She then launches a campaign to integrate the show. Hairspray is a social commentary on the injustices of parts of American society in the 1960s.

2013 - The Musical of Musicals - The Musical!
NSMT Clubrooms
25 April 2013 – 4 May 2013 

Director: Pauline Vella
Musical Director: Celeste Oram
Choreographer: Casey Radley
Pianist: John Zheng


‘The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)’ is a musical about…. Musicals!
In this hilarious satire of Musical theatre, one story becomes five delightful musicals, each written in the distinctive style of a different master of the art form, from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Stephen Sondheim The basic plot revolves around our leading lady June, who can’t pay her rent and is threatened by the evil landlord. Will the handsome leading man come to her rescue in time?

2012 - Into the Woods
intothewoodsThe Pumphouse Takapuna
3 November 2012 – 17 November 2012 

Director: Aaron Tindall
Musical Director: Andrew Christie
Vocal Coach: Beverley Brockelbank
Repetituer: Robin Kelly

Into The Woods combines the traditional tales of Cinderella, Jack and The Beanstalk, Rapunzel, and Little Red Ridinghood, with an original tale of the Childless Baker in a single setting and involving a witch. This story focuses on themes of parenting and parents, familial relationships, growing up, responsibility, and wish fulfilment. These themes are tested by moral dilemmas, choices and the individual’s responsibility to community. The show is structured thus: Act I – seeking what you wish for. Act II – the consequences of achieving your desires.

2012 - Thoroughly Modern Millie
MillieCentrestage Orewa
9 June 2012 – 23 June 2012 

Director – Sherrin Scelly
Musical Director – Kerry Priestley
Choreographer – Val Hemphill


Thoroughly Modern Millie tells the story of a small-town girl, Millie Dillmount, who comes to New York City to marry for money instead of love – a thoroughly modern aim in 1922, when women were just entering the workforce. Millie soon begins to take delight in the flapper lifestyle, but problems arise when she checks into a hotel owned by the leader of a slavery ring in China. The style of the musical is comic pastiche.

Inspired by Richard Morris’ Original Story and 1967 Screenplay. Taking place in New York City in 1922, Thoroughly Modern Millie tells the story of young Millie Dillmount, who has just moved to the city in search of a new life for herself. It’s a New York full of intrigue and jazz – a time when women were entering the workforce and the rules of love and social behavior were changing forever. Based on the popular movie, the stage version of Thoroughly Modern Millie includes a full score of new songs and bright dance numbers.

2011 - Miss Saigon
misssigonThe Civic, Auckland 20 May 2011 – 11 June 2011

Director – David Adkins
Musical Director – Kerry Priestley
Musical Director Orchestra – Adrian Hirst
Choreographer- Val Hemphill


Miss Saigon is a retelling of the story of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly set during the Vietnam War. As the war turns against the Americans, villagers are rushing to Saigon for refuge. One of them is Kim, a 17-year-old girl whose family was killed. She becomes a stripper at the Dreamland club where she meets a young American GI, Chris. The two quickly fall in love and move in together. When Saigon falls however, Chris is evacuated. Thinking he would never see Kim again, he marries an American woman, Ellen. Two years later, Chris’s friend, John, informs Chris that he has fathered Kim’s child. After Chris and his wife meet Kim in Bangkok, Thailand, Kim gives Chris the child, and then commits suicide.

2011 - Songs for a New World
The Rose Centre, Belmont
22 September 2011 – 1 October 2011 

Co-director: Jennifer Allen
Co-director: Minouk van der Velde
Musical Director: Robin Kelly


Says the author of this gripping revue, “it’s about one moment. It’s about hitting the wall and having to make a choice, or take a stand, or turn around and go back.” Newcomer Jason Robert Brown (composer-lyricist of the critical smash “Parade”) has had the whole theatre community talking about his blend of savvy showmanship and exciting contemporary sound for years, starting with this revue.

Brown transports his audience from the deck of a 1492 Spanish sailing ship to a ledge 57 stories above Fifth Avenue to meet a startling array of characters ranging from a young man who has determined that basket-ball is his ticket out of the ghetto to a woman whose dream of marrying rich nabs her the man of her dreams and a soulless marriage.

2010 - Big Top Cabaret
BigTopNSMT Clubrooms
20 February 2010 – 6 March 2010 

Director – Nicky Vella
Musical Director – Mark Emmett
Choreographer – Gabrielle Smith


Welcome to the Circus!

The Big Top Cabaret, is a musical and theatrical experience filled with excitement and intrigue. Come and see a fantastical show set under the big top, as a cast of performers sing about their life of performance, fun, and fantasy.

But what happens when the curtain falls and the crowd is gone? Life’s not always a circus for a travelling performer, as you’ll find out when you get the chance to look beyond the big top!

So step right up. Hold your breath. Make a wish. And count to three.

2010 - Footloose
FootlooseThe PumpHouse Takapuna
6 November 2010 – 20 November 2010 

Director – Nicky Vella
Musical Director – Robin Kelly
Choreographer – Amy Christie


One of the most explosive and popular movies has burst onto the live stage as a full-fledged musical!  When teenager Ren and his Mum relocate from Chicago to a small rural town, he is not prepared for the rigorous local laws. Years ago, following a night of partying at a dance, a car accident claimed the lives of four local teens including the son of a local minister, Shaw Moore. In a misguided attempt to honour the victims, the reverend pushed through a town ordinance banning dancing and in the process has kept alive a memory that can only foster pain. At the emotional heart of ‘Footloose’ is a boy longing for the father who walked out on him and a man aching for the son he lost. Untimately Rev. Moore realises that only through placing trust in our young people can they become truly trustworthy. ‘Footloose’ is propelled by the rockin? rhythm of it?s Oscar nominated top 40 score, the soundtrack album having hit number 1 on the Billboard Charts.

2009 - High School Musical Jr.
hsmThe PumpHouse
24 October 2009 – 7 November 2009 

Director – Tracey Andrews
Musical Director – Kerry Priestley
Choreographer – Rosie Sims


It’s the first day after winter break at East High. The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes find their cliques, recount their vacations, and look forward to the new year. Basketball team captain and resident jock Troy discovers that the brainy Gabriella, a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled at East High. They cause an upheaval when they decide to audition for the high school musical, led by Ms. Darbus. Although many students resent the threat posed to the “status quo”, Troy and Gabriella’s alliance might just open the door for others to shine as well.

2009 - Little Shop of Horrors
littleshopThe PumpHouse Takapuna
30 May 2009 – 13 June 2009 

Director – Karl Buckley
Musical Director – Campbell Downie
Choreographer – Michael Sanders


A down-and out skid row floral assistant becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for fresh blood. Soon ‘Audrey II’ grows into an ill-tempered, foul-mouthed, R&B-singing carnivore who offers him fame and fortune in exchange for feeding its growing appetite, finally revealing itself to be an alien creature poised for global domination!

One of the longest-running Off-Broadway shows of all time, this affectionate spoof of 1950s sci-fi movies has become a house-hold name, thanks to a highly successful film version and a score by the song-writing team of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who redefined the animated musical film with Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Beauty And The Beast’ and ‘Aladdin’. Charming, tuneful and hilarious, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ never fails to entertain.

2008 - The Producers
The-producersThe PumpHouse Takapuna
31 May 2008 – 14 June 2008

Director – David Adkins
Musical Director – Kerry Priestley
Choreographer – Peter Farrelly


Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom, a scheming theatrical producer and his mousy Accountant, hit upon the perfect plan to embezzle a fortune: raise far more money than you need to produce a sure-fire Broadway flop and then (since no one will expect anything back), Max and Leo can pocket the difference! To do this, they need the ultimate bad show, which they find in the musical Springtime for Hitler, written by neo-Nazi playwright (and pigeon fancier) Franz Liebkind. Will they succeed? Another Mel Brooks Masterpiece of comedy, nonsense and music!

2008 - Nunsense

Nunsense is a hilarious spoof about the misadventures of five nuns trying to manage a fundraiser. Sadly, the rest of the sisterhood died from botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julia. Thus, the remaining nuns – ballet-loving Sister Leo, street-wise Sister Robert Anne, befuddled Sister Mary Amnesia, the Mother Superior Sister Regina, and mistress of the novices Sister Mary Hubert – stage a talent show in order to raise the money to bury their dearly departed.

2007 - The Red Chair
theredchairNSMT Clubrooms
16 March 2007 – 31 March 2007 

Director – Aaron Tindell
Musical Director – Terrence Penk
Choreographer – Amber McAlpine


Four characters – an older man, his cynical long-time lover, a younger guy sceptical about love and a younger woman with a troubled past – all share their stories candidly and emotively through song.

The songs feature everything from Edith Piaf to Boy George – form a musical montage of the many romantic and sometimes obsessive emotions one experiences when dealing with love.  Every song transitions seamlessly to the next cultivating in a beautiful and colorful  journey of music which tackle an array of things; unrequited love, lust, jealousy and even a nervous breakdown.

2007 - The Buddy Holly Story
BuddyThe PumpHouse Takapuna
3 November 2007 – 17 November 2007 

Director – Karl Buckley
Musical Director – Catherine Carr
Choreographer – Bruce Abbott


This highly acclaimed and well known musical is a biography of Buddy Holly, from his struggling teenage days in Texas, where his brand of rock ‘n’ roll didn’t sit well with the country music lovers of the area, to his climb to national success, to his tragic death in a plane crash. The show ends with the last concert that he performed.

2007 - By Jeeves
ByjeevesThe Pumphouse Takapuna
8 June 2007 – 16 June 2007 

Director – Adey Ramsel
Musical Director – Terrence Penk
Choreographer – Val Hemphill


By Jeeves adopts the village-hall show-within-a-show format. Bertie, having mislaid his banjo, rounds up the usual suspects and narrates an impromptu tale of thwarted love and mistaken identity under the direction of Jeeves.

In the show we have vintage Lloyd Webber in the delightful Stinker and his would-be fiancée Stiffy, vintage Ayckbourn with the ladder gag and a confusion of handshaking which is close to the essence of Wodehouse farce.

2006 - Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Beauty-and-the-BeastBruce Mason Centre
9 September 2006 – 23 September 2006

Director – Grant Meese
Musical Director – Adrian Hirst
Choreographer – Rhonda Daverne
Vocal Coach – Robyn Kennerley


Based on the smash hit 1991 Disney movie and dating back to a late 18th-century classic French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Belle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who feels out of place in her provincial French village. When her father is imprisoned in a mysterious castle, Belle’s attempt to rescue him leads to her capture by the Beast, a grisly and fearsome monster, who was long ago trapped in his gruesome form by an enchantress. The only way for the Beast to become human once again is if he learns to love and be loved in return. There is a time limit, too: once a magical rose loses all of its petals, all hope will be lost and he will stay a Beast forever. The Beast’s enchanted household–populated by such beloved characters as Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip–watch anxiously as Belle and the Beast grow to understand and befriend one another. Their feelings grow ever deeper as the clock ticks and petals continue to fall off the enchanted rose–will they confess their love for one another before it is too late?

2006 - Fame!
FameThe PumpHouse Takapuna
20 May 2006 – 3 June 2006

Director – Paula Thomas
Musical Director – Catherine Carr
Choreographer – Stephanie DeMay


Fame the Musical provides an open look at the New York City’s High School of Performing Arts, where sweat and hard work are the key factors to a successful life as a performer. The plot follows a group of students across the acting, dancing and music faculties from 1980-1984 as they learn to master their craft and grow up alongside each other, rising to the various challenges that face them.

2005 - Seussical The Musical
seusicalThe PumpHouse Takapuna
1 October 2005 – 15 October 2005 

Director – Grant Meese
Musical Director – Andrew Christie
Choreographer – Val Hemphill


The Cat in the Hat tells the story of Horton, an elephant who discovers a speck of dust containing Whos, including Jojo, a Who child sent off to a butter battling military school for thinking too many “thinks.” Horton’s attention to the speck of dust and his “loitering” care of Mayzie LaBird’s egg has elicited taunting and accusations from the rest of the animal kingdom, except for Gertrude McFuzz, who longs for his attention, and JoJo, whose “thinks” save them all in the end.

2005 - Paris

Paris-PostersThe PumpHouse Takapuna
21 May 2005 – 4 June 2005 

Director – John Antony
Musical Director – Kerry Priestley
Choreographer – Stephanie De May


Act One – Paris is the youngest son of Priam, King of Troy. He goes on a voyage of discovery – Nothing’s Going to Stop me because I’m heading straight ahead – and is shipwrecked on the island of his enemy… Sparta a powerful Greek Province. He is washed up on the shore and there he meets and falls instantly in love with Helen of Troy. She is the wife of his enemy Menelaus, the king of Sparta (a powerful Greek province).

They escape and sail back to Troy. Menelaus is furious He has Just stabbed me right in the heart. Back in Troy the lovers get a luke warm reception Who the hell is she? Helen is permitted to stay but the Trojans are nervous. There’s bound to be a war.

Act Two – As feared a huge armada of Greeks are preparing to invade. No Turning Back. Is survival the only law? Paris and Helen reaffirm their love amid the looming bloodshed. I’ll love you for better or for worse. Ten years of war follows. The Greeks devise a plan. They’ll construct a giant horse and put soldiers inside. Two bumbling drunk soldiers are volunteered for this dangerous operation. We’re inside outside waiting to get inside-it’s a bloody big hack there’s room in the back so hop in for a ride.

The Trojans think move it inside. With this fatal mistake the war is lost. Menelaus can exact his revenge…

So many have died for the pride of a fool. Helen weeps for her slain lover. Sleep now my love, we’ll never part …Love has power.


2004 - My Fair Lady
myfairladyThe Bruce Mason Centre
28 October 2004 – 6 November 2004 

Director – Grant Meese
Musical Director – Robyn Kennerley
Choreographer – Rosanne Howes


Acclaimed Professor and confirmed bachelor Henry Higgins makes a wager with his linguistic colleague Colonel Pickering that in six months he can pass off “gutter snipe” Eliza Doolittle as a duchess at an embassy ball. Through arduous training, day and night, Eliza learns how to speak English “properly,” and transforms into a lady respected and adored by all classes. Along the way she bewitches young Freddy Einsford-Hill into falling in love with her, and convinces a supposed linguistics expert that she is royalty. Through her transformation process, Eliza forges a deep connection with Colonel Pickering and most especially with Professor Higgins. However, she finds herself in a difficult position, now too refined to go back to her old life and not with any means or desire to live life as a lady of leisure – especially by herself. When Higgins completely fails to acknowledge Eliza’s role in her own transformation, she leaves his home. It is only then that Higgins realizes that he cares deeply for Eliza. The play ends with Eliza’s return to Higgins’ home, and the ending is left ambiguous, yet it is beloved for being both one of the cleverest and one of the most romantic plays of all time.

2004 - Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
josephThe PumpHouse Takapuna
14 May 2004 – 28 May 2004 

Director/Choreographer – Rhonda Daverne
Musical Director – Grant Meese


The biblical story of Joseph and his coat of many colors comes alive in the musical retelling. Joseph — the favorite son of Jacob — is blessed with vivid dreams that foretell the future. Sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, Joseph endures a series of adventures which challenge him to his core. Soon he finds himself belonging to Potiphar, whose wife makes advances toward Joseph and ultimately land him behind bars. However, news of Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams sparks the interest of the hilariously Elvis-like Pharaoh. Soon, Joseph is out of jail and well on his way to second-in-command. Eventually Joseph’s brothers find themselves unknowingly groveling at the feet of the brother they betrayed. As they fail to even recognise him, Joseph tests their integrity. He ultimately reveals himself and the brothers are reconciled. A truly timeless Old Testament tale.

2003 - Hot Mikado

A year before the action of this opera begins, Nanki-Poo, son of the Mikado of Japan, fled his father’s imperial court to escape marriage with Katisha, an elderly lady. Disguised as a traveling musician, he met and fell in love with Yum-Yum, the young ward of Ko-Ko, a cheap tailor in the town of Titipu. Yum-Yum, however, was already betrothed to her guardian, and Nanki-Poo left Titipu in despair.

2003 - Cinderella


Pumphouse, Takapuna
October 15th – November 8th, 2003

Director: Tracey Smith
Musical Director: Andrew Christie
Choreograher: Claire Overton


Originally presented as a television extravaganza, this famous fairy tale has been re-fashioned and set to music by two great masters of the musical. The characters are given greater depth plus a more human quality, and it is only through Cinderella’s innocent faith in a miracle that allows her wish to go to the ball to come

2002 - Blood Brothers


Pumphouse, Takapuna
May 11th – May 25th, 2002

Director: David Adkins
Musical Director: Simon Walter
Choreographer: David Adkins


Deserted by her husband, Mrs Johnstone already has five children and is expecting twins. She cleans house for childless Mrs Lyons who offers unofficially to adopt one of the babies. Mrs Johnstone reluctantly agrees; she knows that the child will be well brought up in a prosperous household. But, there is a prophesy that twins parted at birth will die when they discover the truth, and both mothers do their best to keep the twins, Mickey Johnstone and Edward Lyons, well separated.

The situation becomes harder for both women when Mickey and Edward meet while playing in the street and when an immediate bond is formed between the two. They become “blood brothers”. Distraught Mrs Lyons eventually moves to the country.

Soon after, Mrs Johnstone is rehoused nearby and the boys meet again when they meet and fall in love with the same girl, Linda.

But as Edward goes on to higher education, Mickey must take a boring job. After marrying Linda he loses his job. He turns to crime but gets caught and sent to jail. On his release he becomes dependent on tranquillisers. Linda turns to Edward, now a councillor, for help. Edward gets Mickey a job – and a house. Then Mrs Lyons tells Mickey that Edward is having an affair with Linda and Mickey goes after Edward armed with a gun. He finds him at a meeting but cannot shoot him – until Mrs Johnstone bursts in and tells them the truth.

2002 - Past and Present

North Shore Operatic Society’s Clubrooms
August 6th – August 10th, 2002

Director: Simon Williamson
Musical Director: Sherlie Dingwall
Choreographer: Samantha Glen


Act One: Imagine standing on a railway station platform the early 1900’s in a small town.  Imagine the sights the sounds and smell of steam and coal burning from locomotives of that era. Welcome to platform 1.  You have just arrived in time to see what goes on in the lives of the station workers and a few regular customers during the ‘Quite Period’ when no one else is around.

Act Two: The small town in the 1900’s had now grown to a city and the station has grown as well. There’s more platforms and more going on than meets the eye.  The people has become more distant due to the unemployment at the station.  The happy-go-lucky feeling that was once there has n

ow gone, this has been replaced with a cold desperate under tone.  Welcome to modern day life.


2002 - Aspects of Love


Pumphouse, Takapuna
October 26th – November 2nd, 2002

Director: Grant Meese
Musical Director: Kerry Priestly
Choreographer: Kathy O’Meara


Alex Dillingham, a young soldier, is smitten by Rose Vibart, a young actress whom he meets after her performance at a Montpelier theatre. Alex then invites Rose to spend some time with him at his wealthy uncle’s mansion in Pau. Uncle George is away but discovers Alex’s plans and decides to come to Pau to investigate things for himself. Upon his arrival at Pau, George is shocked to see that Rose is wearing a dress that used to belong to his late wife. Soon, George and Rose end up falling in love “ to the great dismay of Alex. Two years later, when Alex finds that Rose has moved in with George, he accidentally shoots Rose in the arm. Twelve years after this incident Alex, Rose and George reunite. However, once again trouble arises. This time, as a result of George and Rose’s young daughter Jenny falling in love with Alex. The two cousins end up in an ˜unnatural’ relationship which causes George to suffer a heart attack.

2001 - Shellshock


North Shore Operatic Society’s Clubrooms
June 12th – June 16th, 2001

New musical by Fleur Louise Ritchie

Director: Tracey Smith
Musical Director: Fleur Ritchie


What makes a hero? Is it he who fights the battle and returns? Is it he that lays his life on the line for his country, or his friend? Is it she that runs the household and endures five long years of watching the clock as she waits for news of his return? Is it those that worked in the infirmary saving the countless lives of the wounded? They are all heroes….
“Shellshock” tells the story of the highs and lows of World War II, portrayed through the eyes of 11 fictional characters who each experience the war in different ways. Shellshock takes the audience on a journey through joy, sorrow, elation and despair highlighting the personal triumphs and tragedies while reflecting on the ways that propaganda contributed to giving our soldiers false expectations of the adventure that they were to embark on. This musical is a tribute to both those who fought, and the unsung heroes that remained at home.
There has not been an event since this war that gripped the whole nation, and indeed the entire world in the way that WWII did, and in so many cases those that lived through it cannot bring themselves to speak about it. I hope that in some small way “Shellshock” can act as a voice for them.
Their souls shall ever heaven roam
Their names forever etched in stone
Their duty saw their bodies slain
Their Memory shall all time remain
…thank you for your bravery

2001 - Guys and Dolls


Pumphouse, Takapuna
November 3rd – November 17th, 2001

Director: Tina Howse
Musical Director: Robyn Kennerly
Choreographer: Tina Howse


Guys and Dolls is a musical romantic comedy involving the unlikeliest of Manhattan pairings: a high-rolling gambler and a puritanical missionary, a showgirl dreaming of the straight-and-narrow and a crap game manager who is anything but. Set in the Manhattan of Damon Runyon’s short stories, Guys and Dolls tells of con-man Nathan Detroit’s efforts to find new life for his illegal, but notorious, crap game. When their trusty venue is found out by the police, Nathan has to find a new home for his crap game quickly – but he doesn’t have the dough to secure the one location he finds. Enter Sky Masterson, a high-rolling gambler willing to take on any honest bet with a high enough reward attached. Nathan bets Sky that he can’t take the “doll” of Nathan’s choosing to Havana, Cuba with him on a date. When Sky agrees to the bet, Nathan chooses uptight Evangelist Sergeant Sarah Brown, head of Broadway’s Save-a-Soul Mission. Sky thinks he’s been duped, but he’s in for even more of a surprise when his efforts to woo Sarah are so successful that he falls in love with her himself! Guys and Dolls takes us from bustle of Times Square to the dance clubs of Havana to the sewers of New York City as it demonstrates the great lengths to which a guy will go when he truly falls in love with a “doll.” Guys and Dolls features some of Frank Loesser’s most memorable tunes, including the hilarious “Adelaide’s Lament,” the romantic “I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” the exuberant “If I Were a Bell” and the classic “Luck be a Lady.”

2001 - Les Misérables


Bruce Mason Centre
April 25th – May 5th, 2001

Director: John Antony
Musical Director: Kerry Priestly
Choreographer: Kathy O’Meara


One of the world’s most iconic and longest-running musicals, Les Misérables tells the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who spends a lifetime seeking redemption. Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France and the aftermath of the French Revolution, this timeless story of intertwined destinies reveals the power of compassion and the quiet evil of indifference to human suffering. As Valjean’s quest for a new life carries him into Paris and to the barricades of the Student Revolution, he is hunted by Inspector Javert and the ghosts of his past. Amidst a battle for the soul of Paris, he discovers the true meaning of love and salvation. Performed in over 40 countries and 22 languages, and with a lush, swelling score that features such famed songs as “I Dreamed a Dream,” “On My Own,” and “Bring Him Home,” Les Mis brings Victor Hugo’s revolutionary novel blazingly to life.

2000 - Return to the Forbidden Planet


Pumphouse, Takapuna
May 13th – May 27th, 2000

Director: David Adkins
Musical Director: Debbie Prince
Choreographer: Kathy O’Meara


On a stormy night way back in the winter of 2009, mad scientist Doctor Prospero worked late in his laboratory, aided only by his wife, Gloria, as he developed the elusive formula with which he would change the world. The apparently faithful Gloria, however, duped him and sent him off into hyper-space in an old spacecraft. Unknown to Gloria, her infant daughter, Miranda, slumbered peacefully in the craft and was now catapulted light years into the future in her father’s company. Fifteen years later, a routine survey flight under the command of the chisel-jawed Captain Tempest leaves earth’s orbit with a new Science Officer aboard – a hard and bitter woman. As a shower of meteorites hits the ship, the Science Officer flees, and the craft is pulled inexorably towards the plant D’Illyria – the Forbidden Plant. The adventure begins …….

2000 - Me and My Girl


Pumphouse, Takapuna
November 4th – November 18th, 2000

Director: Tina Howse
Musical Director: Beth Sharp
Choreographer: Tina Howse


Who turns out to be the long-lost heir to the Baronetcy of Hareford, its 17th Baron and 8th Viscount? Lambeth’s own Cockney sparrow, Bill Snibson, that’s who. He has his own girlfriend, Sally, but that won’t stop gold-digger Lady Jacqueline. She ditches her dumbfounded boyfriend, Gerald, when Mr Parchester, the family solicitor, presents Bill to the flabbergasted family as the new son and heir. But Bill has still to win the family’s approval to inherit the title – and the money. If he doesn’t, he’ll be given an annuity and sent away. The formidable Duchess is determined Bill should stay, insisting that all will be well and, with a little grooming, Bill will be suitable to inherit. There will be an official reception to introduce him to the county set. But Sally is not to be invited. Bill faces up to the Duchess – no Sally, no Bill. But Sally doesn’t want to come anyway – not to a posh party. The party goes ahead and Sally turns up in full Cockney get-up complete with a posse of pearly kings and queens who perform the ‘Lambeth Walk’ to prove Bill doesn’t belong. But they are all invited to the reception and go into dinner.

Next day there’s croquet on the lawn. In an effort to make him stay and take up his inheritance, the Duchess has persuaded Sally to tell Bill she no longer loves him. Sally does this, and slips out to an unknown destination. Bill, helped by Sir John and Parchester, is determined to find Sally (whom he still loves). He is urged on by a Ruddigore-like gallery of ghostly portraits of his ancestors.

Back at her landlady’s Sally decides to move on. She’s got a telegram from Bill and must escape. However, Sir John arrives and has a cunning plan for her. When Bill arrives, her landlady says she’s not there, but Bill waits. He expends all his energy on locating Sally and bringing her back. Sir John makes the Duchess soften her attitude towards Bill’s beloved. Bill finally rejects Lady Jacqueline and she returns to Gerald. Bill is making to leave when Sir John enters with a new Eliza Doolittle – it’s a posh Sally! The Duchess is delighted and Bill has his girl!


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