Welcome to “Lights of Red and Green“! This is an exciting new Kiwi musical which will be having its world debut at North Shore Music Theatre this Christmas. 



Every year on Christmas Eve, the Johnston family gather round the TV to watch the Rosie Gibson Christmas Special (a 1960s Kiwi favourite) on VHS. But this year, things are a little different. Unbeknownst to 10 year old Dani and 15 year old Cass, their dad Richard is hiding something – the fact that their mum isn’t coming home this Christmas. As Richard struggles to deal with having to tell his kids the bad news, and Cass and Dani lash out when they realise what’s happening, they all find solace in the tradition and joy of the Christmas Special – and in each other.


Director: Verity Craft

Musical Director: Karlo Valdez

Choreographer: Josh Morris

Music: Jonathan Vanderhoorn

Lyrics: Jonathan Vanderhoorn & Kieran Craft

Book: Kieran Craft


Auditions will be held at the North Shore Music Theatre Clubrooms, 5 Recreation Drive, Birkenhead.

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