Creative Team


Musical theatre woudn’t be anything without a little A LOT of creativity! Sometimes we can produce up to three shows per year, and whether it’s an intimate Clubroom Review or a Sky City dazzler, they would all be very dull if it weren’t for the people involved in making the cast and stage come to life! If you only have a little experience with creating a production, our smaller Clubroom shows are a great place to start and get your foot in the door. If you’re an experienced director or choreographer, our slightly larger scale productions will be right up your alley!


Production team roles include:

  • Director. The director is responsible for the artistic and dramatic aspects of the production. In other words, telling who or what to go where!
  • Choreographer. Responsible for bringing the show to life with the art of dance!
  • Musical Director. The MD ensures the cast are all singing in time & tune and sound amazing!
  • Set Designer. This person is responsible for designing a set which can move, and interact with the cast throughout the show.
  • Lighting Designer/Operator. The Lighting ‘Tech’ ensures our cast are dazzling under colourful and magical lighting and effects.
  • Sound Designer. This person manages any mics used on stage, sound effects, music and volume control. They make sure the cast can be heard clearly from the front row all the way to the back.
  • Props Designer. The Props Designer hires, borrows, makes and steals (not really!) all the bits and pieces the cast will be taking on stage with them.
  • Costume Designer. This role requires someone who knows their way around a sewing machine as they are responsible for sourcing or making all of the cast members costumes. This also includes washing and drying!
  • Publicity Designer. This person makes sure all of our posters, billboards, banners and signs stand out and draw attention in!

If you wish to be involved in the creative aspect of our productions, keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for show announcements. Signing up as a financial member will ensure you hear about any creative roles available before the rest! For any further information on these creative jobs, email us at