Want to be involved with North Shore Music Theatre but aren’t too keen on being in the spotlight? Volunteering for one of our many positions behind the scenes is a great way to contribute to the running of our shows and be part of the theatre family. By becoming a friendly face in our society, you can work your way through the different production roles and find which area of musical theatre suits you best. You never know, you may even find yourself on stage one day!

Depending on the scale of show, the usual roles we require people for include:


  • Stage Manager. The Stage Manager is responsible for the running of the show. From lighting and sound cues to ensure the cast and crew are where they need to be, the Stage Manager is in charge of anyone on the stage or behind it.
  • Assistant Stage Manager. See above. The Assistant Stage Manager also helps keep the production running smoothly.
  • Set Crew. Also affectionately known as “cockroaches”, the set crew are responsible for moving pieces of set across the stage without being seen, and preferably, without crashing into things!
  • Props Crew. The props team are an essential aspect of a production. They ensure the cast have what they need, where the need it and when. Without the props crew, there would be A LOT of make-believe going on!
  • Wardrobe/Dressers. People assisting in the Wardrobe Department may help sew on the last few sequins or hem 30 pairs of trousers the day before opening night! During the show, Dressers will strip and dress the cast during scene changes, faster than you ever thought possible!
  • Hair/Makeup. As the cast are always required to look fantastic on stage, Hair and Makeup assistants are a valuable asset backstage. From an elegant natural look to age lines, whiskers, black eyes and more! There is never a dull hair/makeup moment!
  • Cast & Crew Teas. Pretty much the most important person involved in the entire production. The ‘Tea Person’ ensures the cast and crew are fed and watered during rehearsals and performances. ‘Nuff said!
  • Front of House Crew. Not strictly “backstage”, but being a part of the FOH team is a fun way to be involved in the production while meeting and greeting our patrons. Selling programs and ushering are a couple of fun and easy ways to pretty much see the show for free every…single…night.


If you wish to be involved backstage for one of our future shows, send us an email at We’d love to hear from you!



Creative Team